Create a User ID

Important BOE General Message Appears Below
All Online Services will be unavailable from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday December 9, 2016, Pacific time, to perform maintenance.

VIEW DEMO Click to view the File a Return Video Tutorial.

The following information is required to create a User ID for online services.

If you already have a User ID, and need to manage additional accounts, Login with your User ID and Password and Click "Link An Account". If you are a tax/fee preparer, you can request access to electronic file for an account using form BOE-91-A.

You must be identified with the Board of Equalization as a business owner or an authorized user associated with the account for which you are creating a User ID.

If you have not been added to the account as an authorized user to file a return online, the owner of the account will need to contact the Board of Equalization to have you added to the account as an authorized user to file a return online. Click here to view the information required.

Enter the BOE account number for which you are registering. Omit letters and other symbols (e.g. dashes).


Enter your name (Owner, partner, corporate officer or LLC member).   Click for Help

(example: John Q. Taxpayer)


Enter your Express Login Code (e.g. a234567c).   Click for Help