Motor Fuels Filing Program

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Registered users login on this page to file the following tax forms:
  • Supplier of Diesel Fuel Tax Return (Form BOE-501-DD).
  • Supplier of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Return (Form BOE-501-PS).
  • Aircraft Jet Fuel Dealer Tax Return (Form BOE-501-MJ).
  • Terminal Operator Information Report (Form BOE-506-PO).
  • Petroleum Carrier Report (Carrier Summary Report) (Form BOE-506-PC).
  • Diesel Fuel Ultimate Vendor Report/Claim for Refund (Form BOE-770-DV).
  • Diesel Fuel Tax Claim for Refund - Sales to Ultimate Purchasers (Form BOE-770-DVW).
  • Claim for Refund on Nontaxable Sales and Exports of Diesel Fuel (Form BOE-770-DZ).
  • Diesel Fuel Claim for Refund on Nontaxable Uses (Form BOE-770-DU).
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Scheduled Downtime
In order to perform basic maintenance on the BOE website, the system will be unavailable for Motor Fuels Online Filing access from Sunday at 7:00 p.m. to Monday at 5:00 a.m., Pacific Time. Since this is regularly scheduled downtime, Electronic Participants should be aware that the BOE will not accept the participant's inability to submit a timely filing because of this downtime as a valid reason for granting relief of any penalty and/or interest that may result from a late filing.